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Recently a cinematographer friend of mine invited me to design projections for a music video he was filming for local band Cancer Killing Gemini. Check it out here.

Cinematographer: Adam Van Voorhis

Occasionally a show I design requires some legitimate filmmaking to create a sequence for projections. Here are a few examples.

Light Up The Sky Entreacte from Seághan McKay on Vimeo.

For the production of Moss Hart's Light Up The Sky, presented by Emerson Stage at the Paramount Theater, director Melia Bensussen asked if I could create a short film to present as the entreacte and to introduce the three characters playing Shriners into the auditorium. We wanted to pay homage to the Boston theater area and create a little backstory for these characters. This was projected onto the painted scrim wall that all of my projection design content was presented.

Sound Design: Adam Howarth

Rent - Boston Conservatory from Seághan McKay on Vimeo.

The musical "Rent" calls for a short film sequence to play during the final chorus representing the work of the main character over the course of the play.

This is the short film I directed to incorporate into my projection design for the show.

Cinematographer: Adam Van Voorhis
Editor: Jason Lachapelle