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In these pages you can find examples of my projection design work for live theater, as well as experiments into live visuals, video art, and motion graphics.

I live and work in the Boston area.

My specialties include:
Dataton Watchout programming
Photography, silver halide and digital (25+ years)
Adobe Photoshop and After Effects

Kurt Vonnegut’s “Make Up Your Mind” - Transition Animations

Kurt Vonnegut's "Make Up Your Mind" Transition Animations from Seághan McKay on Vimeo.

To accompany the dark comedy in this world premiere of a newly discovered Kurt Vonnegut play, I pulled from the author’s many artworks and doodles found in his novels. Using these sources, I created art that was then printed, hand-cut, and animated in a stop-motion style. These animations were then incorporated into the production as interstitial episodes.

Director: Cliff Fannin Baker
Scenic Design: Eric Levenson
Lighting Design: Karen Perlow
Projection Design: Seághan McKay
Sound Design: David Remedios
Animator: Johnathan Carr

Recently a cinematographer friend of mine invited me to design projections for a music video he was filming for local band Cancer Killing Gemini. Check it out here.

Dataton Page
One of my recent designs, Big River at the Lyric Stage Company of Boston, has been featured on the Dataton Watchout website. Read the Success Story HERE.

Muddy WaterPhoto by Mark S. Howard

Member of United Scenic Artists Local 829, the Union of Theatrical Designers and Scenic Artists in the United States